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Living Tree Pet Urn

Living Tree Pet Urn

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  • Specs & Features
  • The Living Tree Pet Urn is a patented bio urn and planting system that allows you to grow a living memory tree or plant to honor the life of your pet.

    The patented Living Tree Pet Urn is the nation's first and leading bio urn and planting system developed specifically to grow a beautiful, enduring memory tree, plant or flowers from pet cremation ashes.

    Order Living Tree Pet Urn system only option if you wish to purchase a tree from your local nursery. If you choose the system + tree option, you will receive a voucher card with simple instructions on how you can select the tree of your choice and how to contact us when a date and/or location is known for the planting.

    Tree options available here

    • 🐾 SUITABLE FOR DOGS AND CATS Our Living Tree Pet Urn is suitable for collecting and scattering ashes of beloved dog and cat
    • 🐾 PATENTED SYSTEM This is the only tree urn that is designed for a living tree and not seeds or saplings
    • 🐾 TREE OPTIONS 70 gorgeous tree options, available in 2 to 4 foot heights, can ship directly to your doorstep.
    • 🐾 DIGNIFIED AND ECO-FRIENDLY Our bamboo packaging is designed to enhance the natural beauty of your product.
    • 🐾 EVERYTHING YOU NEED Your BioUrn® will be shipped in an eco-friendly bamboo container, along with a proprietary soil additive and aged wood chips, along with instructions for planting and caring for your tree.
    • 🐾 FREE SHIPPING All products sold by Titan come with complementary shipping at no added cost. (Expedited options may incur a charge)


    The Living Tree Pet Urn and Planting System is designed to be used with as much or as little of one set of cremated remains. It is large enough to hold all of the cremated remains and provide enough room for the additives and tree roots. We also have many customers that will plant only a portion of the cremated remains with The Living Urn®. This is the case when families split the cremated remains among siblings and plant multiple memory trees or when people just want to keep some. Our instructions explain any adjustments to make when planting different amounts.

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