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What is Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Pet cremation jewelry is a unique way to cherish your most beloved companions who have accompanied and supported you through life even after they have passed on. It’s an artful expression of love, a simple but poignant way to hold on to your fondest memories of them and honor their presence in your life.

Not only is it a memorial of love, but it is also an assertion of style and grace. Crafted with utmost care and attention, using only the best quality stainless steel, personalized pet cremation jewelry perfectly encapsulates the essence of your furry, four-legged friend. No matter where you go, you can keep the love you received from your pet close to you and celebrate the solace and joy you felt in their presence.

Why Memorialize Your Beloved Dogs through Pet Cremation Jewelry?

By turning pet ashes into jewelry, you can have a tangible relic of your beloved pet’s cremated remains. In times of grief and mourning, you can express your loss by commemorating the ever-loving pet through pet cremation jewelry. Your deep loss can be easier to bear through the form of a pendant which comes in a variety of styles to suit you. Engraved with endearing paw prints these pendants are just right for you and your loved ones. It is an affectionate way to pay tribute to the impact they had on your life.

II. Types of Premium Pet Cremation Pendants

1. Paw Prints Cylinder Pendant

The Paw Print Cylinder is a novel expression of remembrance, masterfully crafted from 316 stainless steel. As a sleek, elegant expression of grief and love, it is a distinctive piece of memento of your beloved four-legged pet.

Presented in an elegant black onyx plating finish and adored with doting paw prints, it is complemented by a 19-inch stainless chain. It features a special chamber at the bottom, where you can securely hold a portion of your pet’s cremated remains. With its unique modern design, this pet cremation jewelry ensures the memory of your furry companion will remain close to your heart, providing you with a sense of profound connection and warmth.

The Paw Print Cylinder is more than just an accessory; it's a heartfelt tribute to the enduring bond you shared with your pet, a timeless symbol of love and remembrance.

2. Large Paw Prints Pendant

This modern pendant is a convenient and stylish accessory that arrives complete with a 19" chain. With the help of this Large Paw Prints Pendant, turning pet ashes into jewelry becomes an effortlessly easy task.

Whether worn around your neck or displayed as a cherished keepsake near your study or bed, it's a unique way to honor your beloved pet’s memory. The cute paw print at the center of the pendant exudes both elegance and sentimentality. These pendants are made available in two variants: pewter and bronze (14K gold-plated).

A discreet compartment on the back of this pet cremation jewelry safely secures your pet’s cremated remains and seals it shut with a threaded closure, enabling you to continue feeling the intimate bond with your canine friend close to your heart.

3. Paw Prints Pendant

Designed with care and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Paw Prints Pendant is an immaculate display of sophistication. As one of the most charming personalized pet cremation jewelry offered by Titan Pets, each pendant articulates its wearer's comfort and grace.

Crafted from durable 316 stainless steel, it hides a secret chamber for a small portion of your pet’s ashes. Further, you can choose from two fashionable variants: bronze(14K gold-plated) and pewter. You can pick either one that resonates with you.

As a symbol of enduring love and remembrance, they are a touching and personalized way to keep the memory with you wherever you go.

4. Heart Paw Prints Pendant

This endearing pendant comes in the shape of a heart. You can safely seal your pet’s ashes to jewelry in a designated compartment. Produced to radiate a sense of warmth and hope, the Heart Paw Prints Pendant is a special tribute to your most loyal companions, and cherish their memories for perpetuity.

This lustrous pet cremation jewelry is made entirely from stainless steel and is available in two adorable variants: a 14K gold-plated (bronze) and stainless (pewter) finish. This heart-shaped pendant, embellished with two small cute paw prints, can continue to cherish the memories of your beloved four-legged friend and the unconditional bond you share between you both.

III. Choosing the Right Metal Urn

1. Size and Capacity

Pendant Type


Paw Prints Cylinder Pendant1.3" x 0.30"
Heart Paw Prints Pendant0.74" x 0.74 x 0.23"
Paw Prints Pendant0.75" x 0.23"
Large Paw Prints Pendant0.75" x 0.23"




All four of these pendant variants are more or less of the same size and can only hold a nominal amount of ash in them. 

2. Design and Style

Aesthetically, all the pet cremation jewelry in our collection has a charm of its own. The Heart Paw Prints Pendant has a stellar look that perfectly exudes warmth, joy, and beauty. Paw Prints Cylinder Pendant is a style statement that brings out sophisticated grace. Paw Prints Pendants and Large Paw Prints Pendants are round pendants that have a sense of simple but dignified appearance. However, at the end of the day, you yourself are the best judge to pick what appeals to your sensibility and honors your pet’s memories.

3. Personalization Options

There are no personalization options available with these pendants. However, you can add your pet’s cremated ashes in a small compartment on the back side of the pendant.

IV. FAQ Section

1. What are the Benefits of Choosing a Pet Cremation Jewelry?

With pet cremation jewelry, you will be able to cherish the memories of your beloved pet by keeping it close to your heart and paying homage to the impact it has on your life. 

2. What is the Capacity of the Pet Cremation Jewelry Collection?

These pendants can only hold a nominal amount of ash in them.

3. What are the Pet Cremation Pendants Made up of?

The pet cremation pendants are made from world-class stainless.

4. Is Personalization Available for Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Our pet cremation jewelry doesn’t have any options for engraving and customization.

5. Are Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Except for the Paw Prints Cylinder Pendant, all the other pendants are available in a 14K gold-plated (bronze) and stainless (pewter) finish.

VI. Conclusion

In summary, pet cremation jewelry is a deeply personal way of expressing grief. It is a common way to cope with the loss of a beloved pet and treasure the fond memories of your devoted companions. These pendants are more than jewelry; they function as poetic elegies a farewell, that celebrates the enduring bond forged between you and your four-legged friend.

We trust that these insights about our offerings will have helped you delve into the refined allure of our jewelry and explore our elite collection of pendants designed to preserve the ashes of your pets.