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Memorializing Your Pet With Cremation Jewelry

Memorializing Your Pet With Cremation Jewelry

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What Is Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Pet cremation jewelry is a piece of jewelry that has all or part of your pet’s ashes contained in them. Most pet owners think of their pets as family members and wish for something tangible to keep with them after the loss of their pet as a reminder or memorialization. Pet cremation jewelry is one of the most elegant and common ways to achieve this.

Pet cremation jewelry can contain diamonds, or be made of gold, silver, or other metals, depending on your preferences and what type of pet cremation jewelry you want to keep. Your pet’s ashes will either be transformed into diamonds in a laboratory which can be used in any kind of jewelry, or you will receive jewelry where the ashes have been placed inside a small embedded cavity, depending on what kind of jewelry item you want.

How To Turn Pet Ashes Into Jewelry

There are several services available that allow you to permanently memorialize your pet by turning the pet ashes into jewelry. Some of the established companies offering this service are Jewelry Keepsakes, Spirit Pieces, and Perfect Memorials. You do not need to worry about much as the company offering the service will take care of the entire process for you. All you need to do is pick how you want to memorialize your pet, select any customization you want, and hand over a portion of your pet’s ashes.

Whether or not you can place all your pet’s ashes in the jewelry will also depend on the size and nature of the piece of jewelry. If you had a bigger pet, you may have to opt for a conventional storage urn to keep the remainder of the pet ashes that are not used for memorialization.

Types Of Pet Cremation Jewelry

There is a wide range of options available if you decide to opt for pet memorial jewelry. Some people store their pet’s hair instead of pet ashes inside cremation jewelry, while others opt for pet-themed jewelry by adding the engraving of their pet’s name or a paw shape onto the piece of cremation jewelry.

There are some very unique options out there and when it comes to customization of pet cremation jewelry. However some of the most common choices for memorial jewelry for pets are diamonds made with pet ashes infused in them, or pet jewelry urns with an embedded cavity to store your pet’s ashes.

Diamond Pet Ashes Jewelry

If you opt for memorialization through a lab created diamond, carbon will be isolated from the pet ashes from which the diamond is made. You can choose the size, setting, and style of the diamond. The most well known company offering this service is Eterneva, and they send you regular updates while the transformation from ashes into diamonds is in progress.

Pendants, Lockets, Charm Bracelets And Other Pet Jewelry Urns

Alternatively, you can buy items such as pendants or bracelets to hold your pet’s ashes within an embedded cavity. These types of pet jewelry urns can be made out of many materials including sterling silver, solid gold, rose gold, glass, resin, wood, and many others. Many retailers also provide the option of engraving a paw shape or a picture of your pet onto the piece of jewelry.

Buying Conventional Urn For Pet Ashes

It is possible that you are unable to store all of your pet’s ashes in a piece of pet cremation jewelry, especially if your pet was a large animal. In that case, you can always opt for a typical storage urn to keep what is left of your pet’s ashes. At Titan Casket we offer both biodegradable urns such as a wooden scattering urn or premium designer urns made of metal or wood.