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What are Premium Dog Urns?

Dog urns are a special way to pay tribute to your most loyal companions and cherish their memories for perpetuity. Your beloved pets can accompany and support you through life even after passing on. Dog urns for ashes are a unique, artful expression of love to hold on to your fondest memories of them and honor their presence in your life.

Urns for dog ashes are crafted with care, with best-quality materials and feature personalized touches to perfectly encapsulate the essence of your furry, four-legged friend. With exceptional craftsmanship and many unique designs, they’re not just vessels for your pet’s ashes but a testament to your unconditional intimate bond, a tangible keepsake of joy and canine companionship.

Why Memorialize Your Beloved Dogs through Urns?

In times of grief and mourning, the dog urns can not only be a tactile artifact that keeps the memories of your beloved dogs alive but also become a beacon of solace and comfort for you and your family. Your profound loss is made easier to bear by commemorating the ever-loving, doting spirit of your pet in the form of an urn that can come in a variety of styles and materials, from sleek metallic brass to glazed ceramics. By choosing a premium dog urn that resonates with you, your dog’s endearing paw prints can be memorialized through an urn that feels just right for you and your home.

II. Types of Premium Dog Urns

1. Classic Paws Pet Urns

Our lustrous Classic Paw Urns are meticulously handcrafted from top-quality brass and available in five stunning finishes: brass, pewter, blue, slate, and raku. These urns for dog ashes feature charming paw prints encircling the urn in different colors to match the aesthetics of the urns. The urns are designed and crafted in such a way that they perfectly complement both contemporary and traditional spaces. They’re an immaculate home for your pet's cremated remains no matter the size of the breed. These urns are made available in ‘Family’, ‘Small’ and ‘Extra Small’ to ensure your lovely pets get the most fitting resting place there is. Lastly, the screw-top lid secures the contents of the urn and avoids any chance of accidents or mishaps from occurring, making sure the remains of your beloved pets are safely sealed within.

2. Odyssey Paw Pet Urns

Each pet parent knows the bond they share with their dog is as unwavering and pure as the bond between the ever-faithful Agros and the epic hero Odysseus! The Odyssey Paw Pewter Pet Urn pays homage to this timeless bond by presenting six exquisitely crafted brass urns that feature modern design and exhibit unparalleled craftsmanship. This collection showcases six electroplated finishes to choose from that include pewter, raku, pearl, moonlight, crimson and slate. The subtle paw print accents over the polished finish of the urns highlight the grace of top-of-the-line craftsmanship. These dog cremation urns are secured with a screw-top lid and made available in ‘Family’, ‘Small’ and ‘Extra Small’ for you to find the best and most fitting place of rest for your loyal furry friend.

3. Tranquil Paws Pet Urns

Dog urns for ashes from the Tranquil Collection stand apart from the rest because of their beautiful glazed finish and unique crackle pattern, making each and every urn one of a kind. The paw print design at the center adds a touch of artistic grace to this versatile piece, giving it the flair required to suit any kind of home decor style, contemporary or vintage. Crafted with only world-class ceramic, these urns function as memory lights, not only illuminating your desk space or room with a subtle kind glow but also bringing warmth and radiance back into life like a guiding lighthouse. The Tranquil Collection bestows a versatile range of colors and aesthetics to pick from which includes stone crackle, violet, rustic teal, amber, and blue.

4. Classic Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns

Crafted in brass with a rich metallic finish and adorned with pewter paw prints, these dog urns come in four stunning finishes: brass, pewter, slate and raku. These dog cremation urns are beautiful keepsakes that are a poignant way to store your pet’s ashes. These graceful heart-shaped pet urns come in many sizes to ensure they are the perfect memorial for your darling pets, big or small. Whether displayed prominently in your home or kept in a more intimate space, these dog cremation urns with their heartwarming paw print embellishments reflect your commitment towards keeping your pet’s memories close to your heart.

5. Odyssey Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns

Adorned with a delicate paw print, these distinctive odyssey heart-shaped pet urns for dog ashes undergo an elegant electroplating process to provide you with a choice among six excruciatingly beautiful finishes which include pearl, moonlight, pewter, slate, raku and crimson. Designed to accommodate small and mid-sized pets, they are a thoughtful memorial for your furry companion. Not only do they guarantee a stunning aesthetic appearance amidst your home decor but they also ensure your pet's ashes are securely preserved, acknowledging the mark left on your heart by your canine partner.

6. Pet House Urns

These pet memorial urns are gorgeous velvet-lined memory boxes in the shape of a dog house. They are a practical yet heart-touching way to save tangible reminders of the special bond you shared with your deceased pet. They come in two brilliant colours, an earthy brown or a soothing tan. Its removable roof protects the tray in which you can keep your dog’s ashes or prized possessions like collars, paw prints, fur clippings, etc.

7. Shadowbox Remembrance Pet Urn

This type of Shadowbox Remembrance Pet urn presents you with 23 versatile options to match your pet’s personality which include playful paws of different colors, tennis balls, paws in the sand, rainbow bridges, etc. The exterior of the urn comes in 4 different looks which are white, dark brown, yellow, brown, and tan. These dignified pieces of art feature a spacious area for a beautiful collage of your beloved pet's pictures and also have additional room to hold your pet’s treasured small toys, collar, chew bone or ball.

III. Choosing the Right Metal Urn

1. Size and Capacity

Both the Classic Paw Pet Urns and Odyssey Paw Pet Urns come in three sizes: 'Family’, ‘Small’ and ‘Extra Small’. 

Here are the measurements of Classic Paw Pet Urns that will help you figure out what’s the best size of urn for your pet’s ashes.


Classic Paw Pet Urns


Family10.4 x 6.1 x 6.1 In
Small 7.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 In
Extra Small5.9 x 3.9 x 3.9 In

Shipping Weight

Family3.2 lbs
Small1.8 lbs
Extra Small1.2 lbs


Family 195 Cu. In
Small 85 Cu. In
Extra Small40 Cu. In.

Odyssey Paw Pet Urns are ideal for accommodating small and mid-sized pets

Odyssey Paw Pet Urns


Family4.5 × 5.8 × 5.8 In
Small3.5 × 4.9 × 4.9 In
Extra Small3.3 × 4.3 × 4.3 In


Family 70 Cu. In
Small 40 Cu. In
Extra Small25 Cu. In

The Tranquil Paws Pet Urns don’t have any size options. 

Tranquil Paws Pet Urns

Dimensions7.9 x 6.5 x 3.3 In
Capacity56 Cu. In

Classic Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns and Odyssey Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns are similar in size and maintain equal capacity.

Classic Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns and Odyssey Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns
Dimensions2.9 x 2.7 x 1.6 in
Shipping Weight0.4 lbs
Capacity3 Cu. In

Dimensions and capacity of the Pet House Urns are given in the below table. 

Pet House Urns

Dimensions6.6 × 8.6 × 9.1 In
Capacity90 Cu. In
Shadowbox Remembrance Pet Urn has the following specification.

Shadowbox Remembrance Pet Urn

Dimensions10.94 x 15.44 x 2.75 In
Shipping Weight4.0 lbs
Capacity70 Cu. In.

The size of your dog is an important criterion in deciding the type of dog urns for ashes. One approach is to find out the weight of your dog and multiply it by 3.5%. For example, a 40-pound dog will have ashes weighing about 1.40 pounds. But this won’t give you the volume. Experts have made another easy formula with which you can find a close estimate of how many cubic inches you will require for your dog’s ashes. This is done by equating one cubic inch of space for every pound of your dog's weight and adding an extra ten inches to that figure. For example, a 40-pound dog will require 40 (dog’s weight) + 10 (extra) = 50 Cu. In. Following these methods, you will easily be able to select the most compatible resting place for your pet’s ashes. 

2. Design and Style

All urn collections have been designed and crafted keeping in mind their high artistic value. Classic Paw Urn series, due to their slender look, excludes a traditional charm. Compared to that, the Odyssey Paw Pet Urns, because of their rounded body, are more suited for contemporary settings. However, the color and finish you pick could make either collection complement your home decor and grant it a superior show of elegance and refinement. The Tranquil urns although versatile lean towards favoring a modern environment. This may be true, especially for the violet, amber and blue finishes. Pet House Urns are ideal for conserving your pet’s belongings whereas Shadowbox Remembrance Pet Urns are better suited as an urn if you specifically want it on a table or shelf, or if you want to hang it on a wall. However, at the end of the day, you yourself are the best judge to pick what appeals to your sensibility and honors your pet’s memories.

3. Personalizing Dog Urns

The Classic Paws Pet Urns, Odyssey Paw Pet Urns and Tranquil Paws Pet Urns don’t offer any personalization. If you are keen on wanting a personal touch on your dog cremation urns, the Classic Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns are a great pick. You can request a custom engraving to add your pet’s name or perhaps a message or quote as a way to celebrate your pet's uniqueness.

IV. FAQ Section

1. What are the Benefits of Choosing a Dog Urn?

Dog urns are an excellent way to memorialize your pet. Our dog urns are crafted using top-quality materials like brass and ceramic, and minute care is taken to ensure an elite finish. The result is a memorial that exudes charm and dignity, a timeless testament to your beloved pet.

2. How to Determine the Right Size of the Urn?

An easy method to determine the right size of your urn is to equate one cubic inch of space for every pound of your dog's weight and add an extra ten inches to that figure. For example, a 40-pound dog will require 40 (dog’s weight) + 10 (extra) = 50 Cu. In.

3. Can Dog Urns be Used for Burial?

Yes, dog urns from the Classic Paws Pet Urn and Odyssey Paw Pet Urn collection would be a great choice for burials as brass is one of the commonly preferred metals for burial urns.

4. Is Personalization Available for Dog Urns?

The Classic Paw Heart-Shaped Pet Urns are a great pick if you want to personalize your urn. You can request a custom engraving to add your pet’s name or perhaps a message or quote as a way to celebrate your pet's uniqueness.

5. Are Dog Urns Suitable for Outdoor Memorials?

Metals like brass are highly resilient to corrosion and would be suitable for outdoor memorials without any issues. However, timely attention would have to be given to tend to them to ensure they retain their pristine look through the ages.

V Conclusion

In conclusion, the journey of selecting a premium metal dog urn is a heartfelt endeavor that allows pet parents to preserve the cherished memories of their loyal companions. Titan Casket urns are not just vessels but serve as poetic elegies that revel in the time-tested bond shared between you and your four-legged friends and go beyond mere functionality. 

We hope this makes it easier for you to delve into the sophisticated charm of these dog urns, crafted with precision and care, and explore the immaculate collection of urns to preserve the ashes of your beloved pets and honor the enduring presence they have in your hearts.