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What Are Pet Cremation Boxes?

What Are Pet Cremation Boxes?

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What Is A Pet Cremation Box?

A pet cremation box, also known as a pet cremation urn, is a container used to store the ashes of a deceased pet. Pet cremation has gained popularity as a final disposal method for pets due to its affordability and practicality, and in response to this trend you can now also find many types of pet cremation urns. Since pet cremation urns are specialized products it is best to look for a suitable product for your use from an online retailer. Many people nowadays are opting for pet cremation over burial, partly because being able to keep the ashes provides comfort and solace to grieving pet owners.

Types Of Pet Cremation Box

When it comes to narrowing down a certain choice for a pet cremation urn, there is no clear answer. The ultimate choice depends on what you feel is most suitable for your pet’s remains. Pet urns are available in several materials including wood, steel, porcelain, marble, etc.

You can also opt for a biodegradable tree urn for the ashes of your pet, which is a system in which you can place as little or as much of your pet’s ashes as you want and then bury it in the ground with a tree of your choice planted in it.

You can also choose between a scattering urn and a storage urn for your pet. A storage urn is the more conventional choice wherein people simply store part or all of their pet’s ashes in a pet cremation box. These are often made of metal or if made of wood they are embellished with engraving or other customization elements so that the urn maintains an elegant look. A scattering urn, on the other hand, tends to be more simple as it stores ashes only temporarily until you are ready to scatter them, either in water, on the ground, or anywhere else.

Cost of a Pet Cremation Box

While the cost of pet cremation itself will depend on the size of your pet and the rates charged by the crematorium, the final cost of a pet urn will depend on a number of factors, such as material, size, additional design elements, etc, but you can expect to buy a very basic pet cremation urn for as little as $25. The more elaborate the models get, the more they cost, with a highly customized specialized pet urn selling for as much as $300. Ultimately, even the most expensive pet urns provide an affordable alternative to other forms of memorialization such as cremation jewelry for your pet.

Pet Urn Vs Human Urn

Structurally speaking, there are no fundamental differences between the way human urns of a certain material are built as opposed to pet urns of the same material. The primary distinctions between the two are usually a matter of size or design. You can just as easily buy an affordable and elegant urn meant for humans and use it for your pet if you do not need a particular custom design or any other customization.

Where To Buy A Pet Cremation Box

If you are looking for an urn with a specific kind of design to pay homage to the passing of a pet, you can buy a special pet cremation box from an online retailer. For a more unique pet urn you can check out Etsy, where artists sell handcrafted pet cremation boxes in unique designs which would be hard to locate at a general retailer.

You can also buy high quality urns from Titan Casket, available in both steel and wood. The costs of the urn start at just $59 for a biodegradable scattering urn made out of recycled paper. We have durable and elegant steel urns available in several colors at a price tag of $99. Lastly, for those seeking a premium product we offer luxury Samuel Mitchell design urns in both wood and metal styles for $295. All these urns are available in multiple sizes so you can choose one that works best for your pet.