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Turning Pet Ashes Into Diamonds - How Does It Work?

Turning Pet Ashes Into Diamonds - How Does It Work?

Reviewed By: Elizabeth Siegel

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An Overview

If you just lost a pet, you may be wondering how to commemorate and cherish your memories of them. There are many methods to keep your furry best friend close by, including conserving your pet, cremation, or transforming cremation ashes into diamonds to wear forever.

Converting pet ashes into diamonds is a relatively new notion, but due to technology and science, you can now have your pet's remains converted into a meaningful memento that you may keep nearby every day.

What Are Pet Memorial Diamonds?

Memorial diamonds have been present for a long time, due to science's success in creating diamonds in the lab. The procedure entails cremating your pet's corpse and then shipping the cremains to a particular firm, which transforms the ashes into a magnificent, sparkling remembrance and homage to a cherished member of your family. Cremation is the first stage in the procedure. Cremation is the procedure of placing your pet in a cremation chamber. The remnants will be reduced to ashes by a process of tremendous heat. These cremains may be deposited in a specific urn or fashioned into something lovely, such as memorial diamonds or cremation jewelry.

Most firms that perform this service need less than 100 grams of your pet's ashes, making it easy to transform the ashes into diamonds and preserve ashes to retain in an urn. When you miss your beloved pet's companionship but still want to keep them near, pet memorial diamonds are one of the ideal methods to keep them close to your heart and take them with you throughout life. If you prefer another alternative, many of the firms that transform pet ashes into diamonds also provide services to produce other forms of cremation jewelry, allowing you to combine pet diamonds into earrings, rings, necklaces, or any other jewelry option of your choosing.

What Is The Procedure For Transforming Pet Ashes Into Memorial Diamonds?

There are various procedures involved in transforming ashes into memorial diamonds.

  • Cremation: You must first have your pet cremated before the ashes may be turned into diamonds. Cremation is becoming more popular in the West since it not only enables family members to keep the ashes of a cherished pet near, but it may also save money. Your pet's corpse is put in a cremation chamber throughout the cremation procedure. It is then heated to temperatures ranging from 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, producing ashes. You may have your pet cremated via your veterinarian or a private firm such as an animal crematorium.
  • Send The Ashes: Most pet memorial diamond providers give prospective pet owners a bundle that includes procedural instructions and price alternatives. The only step that needs the pet owner's participation is shipping the firm the right quantity of ashes or pet hair needed to produce your diamond of choice. After receiving your pet's ashes, the firm may begin the diamond manufacturing process.
  • Purification Procedure: When the firm gets your pet's ashes, it will begin the process of transforming them into diamonds. After the ashes are delivered to the firm, the first stage in the process is carbon separation. Carbon is the building block of diamonds, and it is this element that has been extracted from your pet's ashes. This purification procedure takes time until all of the carbon is removed as black graphite powder.
  • Diamond Formation: The diamond formation comes next. Each organization employs cutting-edge machinery that simulates the dire conditions of high temperature and pressure required for diamond production. To begin crystallization, the carbon from the ashes is blended with a specific metal alloy and a minuscule diamond seed. After the raw diamond is created, it is sent to specialists for quality inspection. Quality specialists ensure that the raw diamond has been shaped correctly into the shape and size desired by the owner. Following verification, the raw diamond is transferred for cutting, where it is given its last touches.
  • Color And Gradation: The last step of the procedure includes choices such as coloring, in which the diamond is given a particular color of choice using natural components. Black diamonds often take the longest to completely colorize. When the diamond ashes are finished, they are tested by independent organizations to verify their authenticity. They will also assess the diamond's cut, quality, clarity, color, and polish.

Wrapping Up

Pet memorial diamonds may be the solution if you just lost a pet and are wondering how to keep them near and remember them forever. There is a reason why it is said that "diamonds are forever.” If diamonds do not appear to be the perfect solution for you, try a custom urn. Pet memorial diamonds have the potential to capture your family member's memories and spirit and change it into a forever remembrance to carry with you and wear every day.