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Pet Cremation Options And Their Costs

Pet Cremation Options And Their Costs

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As a pet owner, it can be emotionally and financially strenuous to have to say goodbye to your beloved furry friend. One important decision that must be made during this difficult time is how to handle the pet's remains. Pet cremation is a popular choice, as it allows the owner to keep the ashes of their pet as a memorial. However, the cost of pet cremation can be a strain on many people, especially if they are already dealing with the costs of veterinary care and other end-of-life expenses. If you are looking to learn more about how much a pet cremation costs and the price options available for you, read ahead.

Types Of Cremations And Their Costs

Regardless of the method of cremation you choose, the cremation unit will heat to over 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. As per the size of your pet, they may stay in the unit anytime between half an hour and 2 hours. Once they come out, they witness a process of pulverization— for the remains to be broken into smaller, finer pieces. The type of cremation you opt for dictates how you receive the ashes— whether they are collected to scatter or kept in storage in an urn.

Three common pet cremation options include a comingle cremation, an individual cremation and a private cremation.

  • Comingled Pet Cremation: This is perhaps the most affordable option of the three, averaging $30-$70. It is a communal cremation involving several pets together, all at once. Since it is a collective cremation process, the returns are not returned to the owner as it would be impossible to separate one pet’s remains from another. The cremains are dispersed— either in a nearby field or even a water body.
  • Individual Pet Cremation: Individual Pet Cremations may be understood as semi-private cremations. While it continues to involve cremating the remains of several pets at once, the animals are deliberately kept separate from each other. Moreover, this makes it even possible to return remains back to the pet’s owners. Despite this, it is difficult to avoid having the remains mixed to some degree. The efforts to separate the animals vary from place to place, but the price is a markup from a communal cremation.
  • Private Pet Cremation: If paying a high cremation cost is not your worry, and you would like to provide the best farewell to your furry friend, you must look at a private cremation. Your pet will be the only one in the cremation chamber, in complete privacy. You will also be given the ashes later to keep.

Pet Size And Cremation Costs

A crematory usually divides pets into groups based on specific weight categories— 1- 20lbs, for instance. There is no set metric that is standardized across cemeteries. However, the average weight classes may be similar. To ensure you have selected the right price, you must check with a couple of cemeteries' pricing brackets before making your final decision. For you to have a clearer impression of the possible kind of price brackets as per the size of a pet, here is an example.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, cemeteries quote the following price brackets. For small animals between 1-30 lbs, you are expected to be between $150- $175. Small animals might include mice, cats, small dogs and birds. The next category is between 30-60 lbs. These cremations are for medium-sized animals— usually making up mid-sized dogs such as Basset Hounds or Poodles. The quoted price for this bracket is $200. Next, between 61 lbs and 90 lbs is the category for middle to large dogs, such as Doberman and Retrievers.

The next size category is between 91 to 120 lbs. This is also priced at $ 250. Common pets that fall into this bracket include sheep, goats, pigs, Deerhounds and other such large dogs. Finally, animals that are over 120 lbs, including horses, alpacas and even large dogs such as Saint Bernards, have no such fixed price. They vary depending on certain size specifications.

Additional Costs To Consider

Here are some additional costs that may be added to your final bill:

  • The crematory may charge you an extra fee or the pick-up of your pet.
  • There may also be an additional charge to send back the cremated ashes of your pet.
  • If you wish to be present during the cremation process, an additional fee may apply.
  • If you are looking to buy an urn from the facility, then you are required to pay for it.

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