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Pet Burials: Cost And Other Factors To Consider

Pet Burials: Cost And Other Factors To Consider

Reviewed By: Elizabeth Siegel

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What Is The Cost Of A Typical Pet Burial?

On average, pet burials can cost anywhere from $300 to about $2,000, or maybe even more. The cost of a pet burial is dependent on a multitude of factors ranging from the size of your pet to the location of the pet cemetery burial ground. Additionally, the type of casket that you wish to bury your pet in and the kind of headstone that you would like to use to mark their grave can also add to the pet funeral services cost.

What Are Some Of The Factors That Can Influence The Cost Of A Pet Burial?

As a grieving pet owner, being aware of the multitude of factors that can influence the cost of a pet burial can help you make the right decision regarding the kind of burial that you would like to give your companion. Here’s a quick glimpse of a few of the factors that you would have to account for.

  • The size of your pet
  • From a tiny canary to a majestic horse, pets come in a wide range of sizes. The pet funeral services cost is highly influenced by how large your pet is. The larger the pet, the greater the size of the burial plot that you will need to purchase, which can lead to an increase in the cost.

  • The kind of pet casket
  • There are a multitude of different caskets that you can opt to securely hold your pet’s remains. Wood caskets, metal caskets, cloth caskets, and eco-friendly caskets are a few of the options that you can consider.

    Since wood and metal caskets tend to be slightly more expensive than the ones made from cloth and other biodegradable materials, opting for the former can end up increasing your pet funeral cost.

  • The type of burial
  • Most pet cemetery burial grounds allow you to choose between two options - a private burial or a communal burial. A communal burial is where your pet is laid to rest along with other deceased pets. On the other hand, in a private burial, your pet is laid to rest individually in a separate plot. Since pet cemeteries would have to allocate a separate plot for your pet, the cost of such burials typically tends to be more expensive than communal burials.

  • The location of the pet cemetery burial ground
  • Your location within the U.S. greatly determines the cost that you would incur for burying your pet. For instance, the state you’re in can also influence the burial cost. Pet cemeteries located in states like Arizona, Wisconsin, and Tennessee tend to charge anywhere between $400 to $550 for private pet burials.

    However, the cost of pet burials in states like New York and California can go up from $850 to $2,000 even. That’s not all. Even within a state, the pet funeral services cost typically tends to vary depending on whether the burial ground is located in the suburbs or within the cities.

  • The headstone or other memorial accessories
  • If you choose to bury your beloved pet in a pet cemetery, it is advisable to get a headstone or a plaque made to mark their grave. This would make it easier for you to find your companion’s resting place whenever you feel like giving them a quick visit.

    That said, you would have to keep in mind that getting a headstone installed can also lead to an increase in the cost. The more customized the headstone or memorial plaque is, the more expensive it is likely to be.

    Pet Burial At Home - A Dignified Way To Give Your Pet The Send-Off It Deserves

    Losing a pet with whom you shared a part of your life can hit you hard. Thinking about burials and pet burial boxes at a time when you’re supposed to be grieving is something that not many owners are capable of. And to add to it, the cost of burials may be something that not many can afford.

    In such situations, burying your pet in the backyard of your home may just be the answer. Not only is it a very dignified way of giving your beloved companion a farewell, but the thought of having your pet always close to you can give you proper closure as well.

    Seeing as you don’t have to spend on a plot if you choose to opt for a pet burial at home, you also get to save quite a bit, allowing you to redirect it towards other more meaningful expenses like getting a customized headstone made for your pet.

    You can also save on the burial cost by opting to purchase a casket for your pet online from Titan Casket. We have a wide range of pet caskets made from different materials including ones that are green burial friendly. The prices of our caskets are very affordable compared to traditional funeral homes and you get guaranteed delivery dates.