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How To Perform A Biodegradable Pet Burial

How To Perform A Biodegradable Pet Burial

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What Is A Biodegradable Pet Burial?

As awareness about climate change and the environmental crisis is on the rise, more and more people are making a conscious decision to reduce their carbon footprint in every activity, including burials of both humans and their pets. A biodegradable pet burial is when every aspect of the burial of a pet is performed without using any materials or substances that cannot be broken down or returned to the earth with the help of natural microorganisms.

If you are passionate about maintaining the natural balance of our ecosystem, in today’s time there are not one but several ways to give your beloved pet an honorable farewell without harming the environment by using biodegradable caskets, or urns if you opt for cremation. Read on to learn more about all the options available to you for a biodegradable pet burial.

Wooden Pet Casket

There are many options when it comes to getting a biodegradable pet casket for your pet’s burial. A wood casket is probably the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about a biodegradable casket for your pet, and they are certainly available in abundance. While a wooden pet casket will provide a more aesthetic experience, they can also cost more, and not all models would be biodegradable if they have metal hardware or layering on them.

If you are opting for a wooden pet casket because you want a biodegradable burial, ensure that the casket is made entirely of natural materials. You can also consider making your own DIY pet casket out of wood if you are familiar with woodworking and are looking for something simple anyway. You only need to find some casket plans which are easily available online.

Other Types Of Biodegradable Pet Casket

Alternatively, you can consider pet caskets made of other eco-friendly materials. One of the most popular choices for biodegradable caskets is a willow casket, and there are great willow casket options for pets available through online retailers such as Green Burials. Other choices include a fabric shroud to cover the body before directly burying it, or getting a cardboard or pine casket for your pet to keep the burial entirely biodegradable.

You can also think about purchasing a burial pod such as the pet burial pod offered by Paw Pods. It is made of rice husk and bamboo and is designed to be fully biodegradable in four years. If none of these sound right for you, you might consider exploring biodegradable pet burial bags, usually made of fabric, which can be used without any hard casket.

Biodegradable Pet Cremation

Cremation is one of the most eco-friendly ways to say goodbye to your pet while having a minimal impact on the environment. Not only the process of cremation itself, but the storage or scattering of ashes after can also be done in a fully biodegradable manner. You can choose from several environmentally conscious urn options for your pet’s ashes, such as a water urn, a scattering urn, or a tree urn.

A tree urn is a wonderful way to memorialize your pet while preserving the environment, since it entails planting a tree into the ground around the ashes of your pet. The tree urn comes with a planting system as well as detailed instructions for you to be able to create a truly honorable experience for your pet’s farewell. A scattering urn is simple, very affordable, and comes with a perforated tab on the top through which you can scatter the ashes when you are ready, while a water urn gives you the option of letting your pet’s ashes be scattered into a body of water. All these urns are available at Titan Casket between the prices of $59 and $159 only.