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How Much Does A Pet Casket Or A Pet Coffin Cost?

How Much Does A Pet Casket Or A Pet Coffin Cost?

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What Is A Pet Casket?

A pet casket is a funerary box used to safely store the remains of a deceased pet. Although a pet casket or coffin is usually buried under the ground, depending on the material that it is made out of, it can also be cremated.

Except for the overall size, a pet casket shares a lot of its features with that of a traditional casket for humans. You can get one with features like an airtight seal and soft satin lining with cushions for your pet.

Pet caskets are generally divided into 5 sizes starting from extra small, which is designed to hold small animals weighing up to 8 lbs, to extra large, which can hold animals weighing up to 180 lbs.

What Is The Cost Of A Pet Casket?

Depending on the material that you opt for, the prices of a typical pet casket can start anywhere from $20 and go all the way up to $1,200. Starting at around $20, biodegradable caskets are often the most inexpensive, with metal caskets being the most expensive with prices touching those of a regular casket for humans. The size of the casket also has a noticeable impact on the cost, with smaller caskets being relatively less expensive than larger ones.

Pet Caskets - The Different Types

As with a traditional casket or a coffin, a pet casket is also offered in different materials ranging from wood and fabric to metal and wicker. The choice of a casket for your pet should ideally be based on the kind of last rites that you wish to perform. Here’s a more in-depth look at the different types of caskets for pets.

1. Wood caskets

Available in different grades and types of wood, these caskets often look very elegant. Wood caskets are versatile and can be both buried under the ground and cremated. The price of a good quality wood casket depends on the kind of wood used in the construction. Pine wood is often the most inexpensive choice, whereas cherry, oak, and mahogany are a few of the more expensive choices.

2. Metal caskets

Metal pet caskets feature aesthetics that make them look very similar to human caskets. Since metal caskets are basically fire-resistant and can last for years on end, they’re ideal for burying and not cremation. Steel is often the most preferred choice of metal, with some pet owners choosing to opt for bronze or maybe even copper. The price of metal caskets is dependent on the size as well as the gauge of metal used. The lower the gauge of metal used, the thicker and pricier the casket will be.

3. Wicker caskets

Made from materials like rattan, seagrass, or bamboo, wicker caskets are made by tightly weaving plant fibers in a repeating pattern. Since wicker caskets are completely biodegradable, they qualify for green burials as long as they’re not treated with chemicals. That’s not all. Wicker caskets can also be buried regularly or even cremated. Wicker makes for an ideal casket for cats seeing as they’re more suited for housing pets that are small and don’t weigh much.

4. Fabric caskets

Another eco-friendly casket option, fabric caskets are generally made from a cloth-covered cardboard box. You get the option to choose the type of fabric used in the construction of the casket or coffin. Cotton, wool, and crepe are a few of the choices that you can opt for. As with wicker caskets, fabric caskets also qualify for green burials, regular burials, and cremations.

Which Casket Should You Opt For Your Pet?

Your choice of casket should ideally be based on the size of your pet and whether you plan to bury them or cremate them. For instance, if you plan on burying your beloved pet, you have the freedom to choose any kind of casket you want. However, if you wish to cremate them, your choices would be limited to wood, fabric, or wicker. Similarly, if you’re interested in giving your lost companion a green burial, wicker and fabric pet caskets are the ideal choices for you.

On the other hand, if your pet is small, like a cat or a small-sized dog, any of the above caskets would do. However, if your pet is large, say for instance a Great Dane, you may have to opt for a dog casket that’s capable of supporting the weight of your pet. In such situations, opting for a wood or metal casket may just be the right way to go.

A Pet Casket Helps You Give Your Beloved Pet The Farewell It Deserves

Losing a pet with whom you shared an unshakable bond is something that can be very hard to cope with. However, you can make your grief a little lighter by giving your pet a dignified and respectful send-off with the right pet casket or coffin. You can also consider personally crafting a pet casket on your own if that is likely to make it easier to move on.

At Titan Casket, we specialize in creating unique and customizable pet caskets. You can even design your own casket in such a way that accurately reflects your furry little friend’s personality. That’s not all. Our caskets come with free shipping and with guaranteed delivery dates as well.