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Can You Customize Your Pet Urn?

Can You Customize Your Pet Urn?

Reviewed By: Joshua Siegel

Cross Checked By: Scott Ginsberg

Customizing Your Pet Urn - Is It Possible?

The short answer is yes, you can definitely customize your pet urn. If you’ve decided to cremate your pet after its passing, you will need a safe space to store the ashes of your beloved animal companion. Pet urns are specifically designed for this purpose. And they are available in a variety of materials like wood, marble, metal and even ceramic. What’s more, you either choose to buy a standard pet urn from the market, or you can even choose to get a customized pet urn instead.

What Is A Customized Pet Urn?

A customized pet urn, also known interchangeably as a personalized pet urn, is an urn that is specifically designed to hold your pet’s ashes. It is a unique pet urn that is modified to match your pet’s personality or reflect a special memory you shared with your beloved animal companion.

Since these pet urns are altered to meet your specific requirements to honor your pet, you will have to plan the purchase in advance. It will take a bit longer to get a customized pet urn than it would to simply buy a readymade generic urn off the shelf. So, if you would like to honor your pet with a unique urn, ensure that you are prepared to wait for the customization process to be completed as per your requirements.

What Are The Different Types Of Customizations Offered?

If you choose to purchase a personalized pet urn, you need to be aware of the different types of customizations available. This way, you can make an informed choice. Check out the different ways in which you can add a unique touch to the urn that will hold your pet’s ashes.

    • Your pet’s name and the details of its birth and demise
    • Engravings that are unique to your pet
    • Breed-related customization
    • Other unique artwork
    • Specific depictions or photos of your pet
    • Poems or special messages

These types of custom and engraved pet urns can be used to hold and store the ashes of different kinds of pets, including cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and even horses. The size of the urn will depend on the weight of the pet you cared for. In case of larger animals like horses and heavier dogs, you can choose to retain just a small portion of the ashes in a miniature urn if you have space constraints at home.

How Much Do Personalized Pet Urns Cost?

Pet urns are typically more affordable than urns used for holding human ashes. That said, engravable pet urns and other customized pet urns understandably cost a bit more than standard generic pet urns. This is because of the additional level of personalization involved. Many urn sellers include basic or minimal engravings or inscriptions in the standard price of a pet urn. This could cost anywhere from $25 to $300 or so, depending on the material used, the size, the design and other aspects.

However, if you wish to get an extensively customized urn for your pet, you should expect to pay a higher price for the urn. Additional expenses for heavily personalized pet urns could range from $10 to $200. It is best to request a custom quote from the seller or urn manufacturer for better clarity.

The Process Of Buying A Customized Urn For Your Pet’s Ashes

Purchasing a personalized pet urn is quite easy. If this is what you want to do for your pet, here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the process.

  • Step 1: Decide what kind of urn you want
  • Depending on what you want to do with your pet’s ashes, you can choose from options like storage and display urns, biodegradable burial urns and even scattering urns.

  • Step 2: Compare urn options
  • Once you’ve decided what kind of urn you want to buy, compare the options available online. You have various choices like wooden, metal, ceramic and eco-friendly urns.

  • Step 3: Communicate your personalization requirements and request a quote
  • The next step is to choose the kind of personalization you want. You can opt for engraved pet urns, photo urns or other kinds of custom urns for your pet’s ashes.

  • Step 4: Pay for the urn and wait for it to be delivered
  • Let the seller or urn maker know about your preferred customizations, ask for a quote and make the payment as per the terms and conditions. Then, all you need to do is wait for the urn to be ready.

    Honor Your Pet’s Memory With A Beautiful Customized Funeral

    Customization is a wonderful way to honor your pet’s memory. If you choose cremation, customized pet urns can help you add a personal touch. However, in case you prefer to bury your pet instead, you could opt for customized pet caskets. On our online store, you can find pet caskets made from durable steel, available in multiple sizes and different colors. Browse through your options and compare them before making a suitable purchase decision for your beloved pet’s last rites.