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Beautiful Ring Made With Pet Ashes

Beautiful Ring Made With Pet Ashes

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The Different Types Of Pet Cremation Rings

If you’ve recently lost a pet, the grief that you experience might seem insurmountable at first. Although your pet cannot be replaced, you can memorialize them through a pet cremation ring. Through such rings, you get the feeling of your pet being close to you, which can help you move on from their loss.

It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful ways to keep your pet’s memory alive. There are multiple kinds of pet cremation jewelry rings that you can opt for. Here’s a quick glimpse of a few of the most common types of memorial rings.

Urn rings

Urn rings are just that, miniature urns that are fashioned into rings to be worn on your finger. Depending on the type of ring that you opt for, they can either be fully sealed or openable. The compartment within the urn is filled with a very small portion of your pet’s ashes. These kinds of pet ashes rings come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes.

Crystal Or Diamond Pet Memorial Rings

Since Carbon is one of the primary components of ash, it is possible to transform the ashes of your deceased pet into a diamond. The diamond that’s so created can be encased in a ring of your choice and worn on your finger. However, the cost of such services tends to be slightly expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, some companies turn your pet’s ashes into crystals or glass beads which can be encased in a ring.

Glass Art Pet Memorial Rings

Another meaningful way to personalize a pet cremation ring is by incorporating your beloved pet’s ashes into glass beads. The ash is mixed with hot glass and then fashioned into glass beads of your chosen color using unique glass-blowing techniques. The glass beads that are so formed are then used to create visually striking pet ashes jewelry.

Engraved Pet Memorial Rings

Just like how many individuals prefer engraving their jewelry, you can opt to do the same for your pet cremation jewelry rings as well. The position and the type of engraving that you can opt for are dependent on the kind of memorial ring that you opt for. For instance, if you choose to get a diamond pet memorial ring, the engraving is usually placed on the band.

And if you choose to get an urn ring, the engraving is usually placed on the miniature urn itself. With engravings, there are usually no restrictions whatsoever. You can choose to stop with just your pet’s name or go the extra mile and have their paw print engraved onto the ring.

Infinity Pet Memorial Rings

In these types of pet cremation jewelry rings, there’s usually an urn that’s shaped in the form of the infinity symbol. The compartment within the symbol is filled with your pet’s ashes and sealed. If you’re someone who believes that your pet, although deceased, continues to exist in some form or the other, opting for such kinds of rings may be something that you can consider.

Quirky Pet Memorial Rings

If you want your pet cremation ring to be a representation of your pet or its playful nature, you may consider opting for quirky rings. For instance, you can have memorial rings fashioned in the form of a dog bone to represent your deceased dog or a feather to represent a bird whose death you’re grieving.

Double Pet Memorial Rings

Some pet ashes rings are designed in such a way that they allow you to place two crystals, beads, or diamonds. These are known as double pet cremation rings and are usually preferred by individuals wanting to pay respect or honor the lives of two deceased pets.

Religious Pet Memorial Rings

It is natural for individuals to turn to their religion to seek comfort from the loss of their pet that they’ve had to endure. If you’re a deeply religious person, you can have your pet’s ashes encased in miniature urns shaped in the form of the Star of David or a cross to represent your religious beliefs as well as to pay homage to your pet.

Remember To Give Your Pet A Dignified And Respectful Farewell

Now, pet cremation rings are designed to only use a very small portion of your pet’s ashes. The remaining ashes can either be buried, scattered, planted, or kept as a keepsake. No matter what you plan to do with the ashes, you will need a good quality urn to safely and securely store your pet’s remains.

At Titan Casket, we have an extensive range of urns made from high-quality wood, steel, and biodegradable materials like cardboard and bamboo. All of our urns have exquisite workmanship and are accurately designed for their intended purpose. We also provide free shipping and guaranteed delivery timelines on all of our caskets and urns.