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5 Best Materials To Use For A Pet Casket

5 Best Materials To Use For A Pet Casket

Reviewed By: William Prout

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Pet Casket Materials And What Are Your Options?

If you have just lost a pet, it’s undoubtedly a tough time in your life. However, one of the best ways to honor your close animal companion and lay them to rest is to give them a wonderful farewell by hosting a memorial service and by burying them in a comfortable pet coffin. You can choose pet caskets made of different materials like wood, metal, fiber or even wicker. There are also DIY options and many biodegradable materials that are used to make custom coffins and caskets like dog burial boxes.

5 Of The Best Materials Used In Pet Caskets

Let’s take a closer look at the different materials commonly used in making pet coffins and caskets today.

  1. Metal Pet Casket - Metal is one of the most common and preferred materials to make coffins and caskets. In the case of pet coffins too, metal tops the list since it is highly durable and offers many advantages. Typically, steel is one of the best metals to use in the making of pet coffins like cat or dog caskets, since it can easily be sealed well enough to keep air, dust and other pollutants out. To make the insides of the casket more convenient, you will find casket options lined with soft fabric like velvet, crepe or even satin inside. Metal caskets are also easy to customize and are available in different colors.
  2. Wood Pet Casket - Wood is also commonly used to make caskets for pets like cats and dogs. Wooden caskets, while biodegradable, take longer to decompose. There are different kinds of wood that are used by wooden coffin and casket makers, and depending on the wood used, the price of the box varies. More affordable options in this category of pet coffins include pinewood and fir. On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget, you can opt for more expensive kinds of wood like oak or mahogany.
  3. Styrene Pet Casket - Styrene is on the other end of the eco-friendly spectrum, since it is not at all biodegradable. This plastic is often preferred as a pet coffin material by people who tend to move houses often. That’s because it is easy to inter a pet coffin made of styrene and relocate it to the new destination, as the material does not decompose over time. Styrene is also an affordable option, and it can be purchased in different sizes. So, if you need a small dog casket or a larger option for a bigger pet, you will find that this may be a suitable alternative.
  4. Wicker Pet Casket - Wicker coffin or casket is biodegradable, affordable and lightweight, making it easy on the planet and on your pocket. The downside is that wicker is not highly customizable, since it does not have any flat or smooth surface for inscriptions and other such memorabilia. Nevertheless, you can still weave ribbons or fabric from your pet’s favorite toy into the weave. You can even choose to use strings of photos of your pet to honor your companion in a beautiful way.
  5. Fabric Pet Casket - Fabric cocoons are also excellent choices for burying your pet in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. As you may have guessed, these are extremely budget-friendly options. They are also easy to decorate and personalize, and are best suited for green burials provided the fabric chosen is easily biodegradable.

Choose The Right Material For Your Furry Friend’s Casket

Given the sheer range of options you have, making a choice from the different materials used for pet coffins can be quite difficult. However, to make the right decision, you can factor in various aspects like the weight and size of your pet, the budget you have in mind and whether or not you are looking for a sustainable option. You also need to consider whether you will be burying your pet in your own land or if you will be relocating often. The choice of material depends on all these factors.

Once you have made your decision, you can make your purchase casket or coffin from a retailer nearby. Alternatively, if you prefer a more convenient option to shop for a steel casket for your pet, you can purchase a pet casket from our online store. Available in different colors and sizes, our range of pet caskets can help you give your beloved pet a comfortable and suitable resting place.