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Pet Urns - All You Need To Know About Cat Urns

Pet Urns - All You Need To Know About Cat Urns

Key Insights

  • When purchasing a pet cat urn, ensure the urn is sealed securely to prevent the contents from spilling out and prevent moisture from setting in.
  • When it comes to deciding the urn’s material, make your decision based on where you wish to display the urn (indoors or outdoors).
  • Some of the most commonly opted-for pet cat urns include Egyptian Bastet urns, marble urns, bronze urns, resin urns, and bio-degradable urns.
  • Cat urns come in different price ranges, starting at $20 and extending to a few hundred dollars.

Pets hold a special place in your life, offering you unwavering companionship and loyalty. At the time of their demise, it is natural that you would want to honor their memory in the best way possible. Over the course of the article, we shall shed light on the various facets of pet urns for cats.

Cat Urns - Essential Features To Opt For

Today, there exists a wide variety of pet cat urns in the market, which may make it confusing, especially when you are grieving. To simplify your decision-making process, here are some essential features to look for in cat pet urns:

  • Make sure that the pet cat urn you choose has the ability to keep the contents of the urn airtight and waterproof to avoid moisture from entering.
  • If, for some reason, you cannot arrange for a rubber seal, make sure the urn is sealed with glue.
  • Based on where you plan to place the urn, choose the material accordingly. Marble is the most durable material if you plan to place your pet cat urn outside. If you plan to place your pet cat urns inside, you can use any material of your choice.
  • Keeping in mind the $100 - $200 cremation fee, set a budget for your pet cat urn.

Types Of Cat Urns

Listed below are some of the most popular and affordable pet urns for cats:

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Cost Of Cat Urns

Pet urns for cats start at $20 and extend to a few hundred dollars. If you opt for urns at the lower end of the cost spectrum, you can choose between bio-degradable urns, polymer urns, and cheap wooden urns. On the other hand, if you have the budget to pay for a more expensive urn, you can benefit from artisan painting, intricate woodwork, and other such personalization options.

If you plan to opt to bury your pet cat rather than cremate their mortal remains, we at Titan Casket offer a wide range of pet caskets made from top-quality, durable materials. The caskets come in different sizes as well as colors and have a fine and soft crepe lining inside.